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Slow Squeeze

ft. Megan Emanuel & Andrew McSherry

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God Could Be Afraid Of Us All


Hit A Nerve

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Hot Trotter


My Piranha

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What you need to know

don't really

LA Solution Center is a musical canvas where selected artists come together for a shared
journey of exploring an eclectic series of interconnected songs that blur the borders of
alternative rock into the branches of the hard rock, industrial, downtempo, triphop, and
hip-hop genres.

Inspired in equal parts by noted genre tastemakers like Chevelle, Gorillaz, The Verve, and
Queens of the Stone Age – LA Solution Center encapsulates a sound defined by heavy
guitars, engaging melodies, fat bass lines, strong arrangements, and ultimately – the
collaboration of influence.

LA Solution Center was launched in the spring of 2020 by producer and studio owner Dan

Ponich in Vancouver, Canada. As an artist himself, Ponich discovered during self-
isolation that the most effective way to feed his personal musical ambitions was to reach

out to hand-picked vocalists he admires and work with them to bring his extensive
repertoire of songs to life.

Not yielding to the conventions of standard rock ‘n’ roll, LA Solution Center is an
organized chaos of alternative music with an indie undercurrent that will resonate with
people who yearn for artistic boldness and creative risks in their music.
With four initial songs planned for release in 2020 – “My Piranha”, “Hot Trotter”, “God
Could Be Afraid of Us All”, and “Hit A Nerve” – LA Solution Center will stake its claim on

delivering a memorable listening odyssey for those who are hungry for an unfiltered rock-
fueled experience.

Wet Brain

ft. Wesley Attew


Slow Squeeze Official Audio 

Tripped Official Lyric Video

God Could Be Afraid Of Us All Official Video

Hit A Nerve Official Video

Hot Trotter Official Video

My Piranha Official Video

Wet Brain Official Audio

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